You need to do this on Facebook…now please!

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If you have a business page on facebook and don’t know how to link your page to your employment info on your personal profile, I can help!  If you don’t link to your business page it is going to a “community” page which you have no control over!

Watch this quick training video for the simple solution:

Did you get new likes on your page after setting it up?

About Adeah Wetzel
With a degree in psychology, 6+ years of social service work, and her background as a successful real-estate entrepreneur, Adeah brings her finely tuned sense of human behaviors, thoughts, and motivations into her true love affair with social media – the ultimate way to bring like-minded people from across the globe into your business. As a mom with two kids of her own, Adeah lives the successful-business-well-loved family dream.


  1. Tina Pruitt says:

    Thanks for the awesome tip Adeah! I have it changed on my FB page now! GREAT TIP!

    xo, Tina

  2. Adeah Wetzel says:

    Awesome Tina! Thanks for the update and happy to help.

  3. Adeah, this is outstanding! Not only did I get the fan page for my business properly connected, but it also led me to find the right pages for companies in my past employment. Thank you!!

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