Unplug to Recharge

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Oh! The View!

Recently my family and I took a 3 day camping trip with the goal of relaxing and enjoying family time.  As we were packing for Seward, Alaska I debated on if I should leave or take my work.  Working from home is a blessing because I can do my work anywhere there is an internet connection.  When we go on trips I always bring my laptop with me but this time there was a voice inside my head whispering "unplug yourself, leave your work, unplug yourself". So at the last minute I unpacked my computer and made the choice to unplug for 3 days!  This included my cell phone after we arrived at the camp site.

While driving the 127 mile trip I wondered if it was okay to leave my work for 3 days. What if a client had a social media emergency! How would I fix it without my computer? What if I missed out on an announcement for a new technology? Would people on facebook miss my posts and comments? Then I heard the whisper again "unplug...unplug".  Trusting my intuition I took some deep breaths and shifted my focus on the scenery.

Eventually the urge to check my email, browse my facebook newsfeed and share my experience via status updates faded into the background of mountains, ocean and smore's.  I became present and realized how wonderful it was to turn off the chatter and enjoy the real time chat with my family.

When I returned to my work I was jazzed up and energized for my clients.  Unplugging to recharge is so obvious yet can present as a challenge to efficiency and professionalism.  How do you unplug...or do you even unplug?  Share your ideas now by leaving a comment below.

About Adeah Wetzel
With a degree in psychology, 6+ years of social service work, and her background as a successful real-estate entrepreneur, Adeah brings her finely tuned sense of human behaviors, thoughts, and motivations into her true love affair with social media – the ultimate way to bring like-minded people from across the globe into your business. As a mom with two kids of her own, Adeah lives the successful-business-well-loved family dream.


  1. Unplugging is SO necessary, especially when you work in social media! There are real benefits to sitting back and enjoying the scenery and your family, and some of those benefits cannot be 'relaxed into' if you are still checking your twitter feed every hour.

    Congrats on kicking back!

  2. Gini says:

    Great post, Adeah! I think about how my kids will never know a time without smart phones, iPads and constant instant connections. Therefore, it is my job to teach them, by example, how unplugging is really important. Building a small business makes that challenging, but I am doing my best. Especially, as you pointed out, to be present. Multitasking is a myth. We have to be present to hear people and truly give them our attention.

  3. Megan says:

    First I would like to say that the advancement of technology has provided new social outlets for people(Facebook, My space, etc.) but has caused them to be less social at the same time. If you are out in public or even at a class and you are given a short break, instead of makng an effort to know a classmate better most people are on their cells or texting away. To truly let it all go I go out into nature and just leave all my electronics behind as you did. If I'm going with my family then I isolate myself for a little bit if possible and just listen to the wind and try to become more in tune with the environment. Either that or I lock the door and take a nice, long relaxing bath, Ahhh….

  4. Adeah says:

    Caelan! So how do you unplug?

  5. Adeah says:

    You are so right about our kids…My daughter at the age of 4 said “I want to take a picture and put it on facebook.”

    I feel especially as a woman business owner go into a default thinking “women are great at multitasking” and put unneeded pressure on myself. The truth is when I take care of myself everyone wins!

  6. Adeah says:

    Yes! Funny thing is your classmates probably want to be “friends” on facebook more than develop a real live connection with you at school.

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