Truths about being human.

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After discovering Brené Brown's work I changed my way of being in my business. Making a change to my business name to Wholehearted Social Media was more than a declaration of my approach it has become an invitation to experiencing the raw wonder of being human.  Have you ever stood in line for a ride at a carnival not knowing which ride you would be taking? This is what my experience has been over the last 8 months.

Often I see personal growth and development in my clients when we dig into their marketing. It is an expected side effect when you are living your passion as your business.  However,  I was slow to accept that this process was unfolding for myself!  It was a mix of denial and a touch of "I can't handle this right now, I am running a business!".

Guess what I figured out? This is process is the very innards of a heart centered business. While everyone's journey to being the highest version of yourself is different I want to share a few of truths about being human with you.

  1. Love is the answer every time, no matter what question you are asking.
  2. Acceptance is simple but not always easy. Again love will clear a path to acceptance.
  3. Shadows (fear, doubt, resistance and other icky feelings that come up) are signs you are on the path of growth. Simply accept these as signals to your development and keep moving forward.
  4. Gratitude is a key. Use it to unlock grace, compassion and clarity during your journey.

What other truths have you discovered?

About Adeah Wetzel
With a degree in psychology, 6+ years of social service work, and her background as a successful real-estate entrepreneur, Adeah brings her finely tuned sense of human behaviors, thoughts, and motivations into her true love affair with social media – the ultimate way to bring like-minded people from across the globe into your business. As a mom with two kids of her own, Adeah lives the successful-business-well-loved family dream.


  1. Michelle says:

    Great blog, Adeah! I am just beginning to delve into Brene’s work – am reading The Gifts of Imperfection.

    A truth about being human? Perhaps just how damaging negative thoughts can be….that we judge ourselves so harshly and our body believes our minds. I am working towards shifting to being more gentle with myself. And allowing that compassion to expand from within and outward to the world which gives others permission to do the same. A compassionate thought about self can then be the pebble in the pond that ripples beyond that which we can see…

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Adeah – great post. Spoken from your gorgeously deep heart.

    I love Brene too! And yes love, gratitude, acceptance are delicious.

    Loving unconditional selves first, with all our imperfections, enables as to love others with their imperfections. I got this during fashion fasting. i also got we are all a working in progress towards highest self. And, that self love needs constant mindfulness and attention.

  3. Adeah Wetzel says:

    Kate, thank you for adding this an important piece of recognizing each of us are working on this process of accepting ourselves. Giving compassion to others is a lovely way I practice self-love.

  4. Adeah Wetzel says:

    Michelle, The Gifts of Imperfection was the book that shifted my perspective on what self-love can look like you know in real life! Before her book I never understood how to practice self-love during the most challenging of situations/emotions. I would do great at it when things were on the up and up of course. The information missing for me was that being vulnerable is part of being human! The more I embrace and express my vulnerability the easier it is to love my imperfect self.

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