We started our work together for me to learn about social media and now Adeah is an invaluable partner in my business. She is constantly showing me how to break into marketing adventures I would never have imagined possible. I am so thankful for our amazing personal and professional partnership. I feel she really cares about me and my work. She has the technical skills that propels my business and because she knows me so well, everything she does reflects who I am and what I stand for. I appreciate her so much!!

-Dr. Karen Wolfe, www.DrKarenWolfe.org



Adeah is a social media wiz. Before I started working with Adeah I had no real presence on the social media sites. I know it was important but lacked the knowledge much less the desire to learn and continually update my site. Adeah helped put me on the social media map.
Adri Miller-Heckman www.YourPinkOffice.com



If it weren't for Adeah I would still be saying "Facebook, NO WAY". My biggest frear about using social media was that it would suck up all my time and energy. Adeah taught me how to use social media rather than it using me up! She is very skilled in taming the complexity of social media into a manageaable and practiacl resource for sharing my passions and connecting to my tribe. -Dr. Deb Kern, www.DrDebKern.com



Adeah is a "Gem"! Are you looking for rare and precious? That's Adeah! — Loretta Milo  www.LorettaMilo.com





Adeah was very intuitive with my desires for my online marketing.
- Andrea Warshaw-Wernick www.FabulousAt60.com





She has the gift for making social media and electronic communications simple. - Christyna Lewis www.BeeVentures.org





Her enthusiasm spilled over and got me excited about expanding my online influence. She had simple, straight forward advice for me that is still useful years later. I am so grateful to have had her help
— Rena Hatch www.LunaGaia.com




If you want to use social media to boost your bottom line, I highly recommend Adeah. She's a joy to work with, and best of all, she gets results. I can always count on her to do what she says she's going to do (and more)...and in a way I'd never ever think of. Adeah has saved me so much time, made my life so much easier, while noticeably increasing my visibility and profits...she's made social networking effortless and understandable!!! I can not praise her highly enough.-Barbara Stanny www.BarbaraStanny.com



Adeah has the amazing ability to combine heart work with social media. She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her services." -Michelle Galatorie Life & Wellness Coach www.MichelleGalatoire.com






Adeah is a true professional and so easy to work with. She has a wonderful ability to ask the right questions and offer solutions that enables businesses to thrive. I recommend her highly to any organization that has the privilege of learning what she can provide.
— Georgina Stiner, Portland, Oregon  Goat Rental NW


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