Stop Expecting Results On Social Media

Stay with a process long enough and you will receive something from your commitment. This is a universal law- results come from a process. Actually if you look up the word "result" in the dictionary here is what you will see:

Definition of RESULT
1. Something that ensues from an action, policy, course of events, etc.; to proceed or arise as a consequence, effect, or conclusion.

The history of the word Result means to 'jump backwards'. The word originates from the Latin resultāre, re- ‘back’ and saltāre ‘jump’. In medieval Latin it came to be used figuratively for ‘happen as a consequence’.

Today it seems, 'Results' is used as a quick jump to the end result completely ignoring the process needed to arrive at the desired outcome.


7 Things I want you to understand about social media:

  • You choose who you want to interact and grow have lots of control!
  • But those people you choose also choose you...or not!
  • Only posting status updates on your profile is not interactive.
  • Profiles are people...real people...who desire authentic connections...just like you.
  • Making friends in "real" life takes time. Making friends online is the same process..remember profiles are real people.
  • Only promoting your business, services, events and products is not interactive.
  • Facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, etc are not golden tickets they are simply tools (like email, text and voice mail).

Stop expecting results from social media if you aren't willing to show up consistently by making comments on others' posts, sharing your own content, and being interactive with people. Social media is a beautiful place to be with like minded people.

It is your unique energy, perspectives, values, thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc that allow people to develop a connection. It is through your consistent actions taken to develop these connections where you can expect results. If you are struggling to find the value of using social media look back at your actions in the last 6 months.  What do you see?

One overlook on Youtube that is costing you…

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5 signs your are in the dark with your marketing

You receive a call from a friend who desperately needs your help building a project. She asks you to come over and bring your tools ASAP.

Then the call ends.

So you grab a hammer and a screwdriver and head over to her house.

Yet, when you get there you realize the project is painting her bathroom wall...and the tools you brought along are NOT going to offer any help.

You laugh realizing you never asked her what the project was or what kind of tools she needed.

Because you can't paint with a hammer!

You may be doing this with your marketing...shocking I know. So how do you know if you are bringing the wrong tools or you are in the dark about your project?

Here are 5 signs your are in the dark with your marketing. Or in other words  you are trying to paint with a hammer:

  1. You are sharing consistent content on your blog and/or social media sites, yet you are not getting any comments or participation.
  2. Your interactions with people on social media are not sparking meaningful conversations or interactions. Your family or college friends are always replying to your posts with comments like "oh wow." or "I wish you would help me out" or "You are still doing this work?".
  3. You don't relate or care for any of the posts your friends are sharing on facebook (or linkedin or twitter). It is really hard for you to participate with your social media network.
  4. Your cash flow is low. You notice a decline in your sales and/or new clients.
  5. You see your colleagues building a wonderful community with a variety of interactions on their facebook page and wonder what you are doing wrong.

Now are you ready to trade in your tools and get focused on the right project?  Marie Forleo breaks down some great steps as a starting point:

Facebook Business Applications and Marketing Tools

The idea behind using a social networking site as Facebook as a venue for doing business is building a user base in the form of a community who respond to you as a person or to your product. If you just turn your page into one big advertisement, you are not going to get much in the way of a response. You need to educate people about the product without coming across as a hard sell.

You want to create the impression that you are here for socializing, not business. People will come to trust you and be more likely to buy your product or service if you can do this.

Facebook has built in tools which can be used to build your business. These include:
- Social Ads
- Pages
- Beacon
- Insights
- Platform
- Polls

These tools can help you to build awareness of your brand through this social networking site and bring in potential clients. Needless to say, you are going to have to learn to use them effectively. Read on to find out how to harness these tools to build your business using social networking sites.

You can learn how to take further advantage of these features by visiting the facebook website business section.


Social ads have a lot of promise for building your business since they can go directly to the news feeds of your Facebook friends. Anyone who is on your friends list will be able to get the word about your business right on their profile page.

This is also a very easy way of target marketing. You can control exactly who sees your ads - and target marketing is the way to get sales.


You can make a Face book page for a business, just as you would for yourself. This allows people to interact with and even become friends with your business. It is a great way to make a lot of people aware of your product and your brand who would not otherwise.

You know when someone becomes friends with your business on Facebook that you have a potential client; at the very least, they have shown some interest. People can interact with your business as they would with any of their other social networking site friends - they can leave comments and generally enhance the experience of a visit to your page.

You can use this social networking site to your best advantage by adding features that will appeal to your target market and fit in with the brand image you are aiming to create. Quizzes, games, a Facebook group and so on.


Like social ads, Facebook Beacon gives you the ability to build your business by promoting yourself via your Facebook friends news feeds. You can set Beacon to notify all of your Facebook friends whenever you have a new product available, or any other sort of news or information you would like to disseminate amongst your Facebook friends. All you need to do is to add a little code to your Facebook page (this can be done by copy and paste, so no need to panic).

This encourages more interaction with your page, the website of your business and your company in general. This also helps get the word out about your businesses product or service.

Do not fret that you will be mercilessly spamming your Facebook friends and invading their privacy - they can opt out of these updates at any time they choose. You of course have the same ability for Facebook Beacon updates from others.


If you are using facebook as a method of promoting your business you will of course want to know just who is checking out your Facebook page, clicking on your ads and joining your friends list. Facebook Insights is a tool which can give you a lot more detail on these sorts of statistics, which can help you to evaluate the efficacy of your campaign.

Armed with this information you can make the call as to whether viral marketing is working in your favor. Word of mouth is one of the best means of advertising and Facebook can facilitate it on a large scale. Facebook Insights lets you figure out what parts of your campaign are working and which are not as well as giving you valuable demographic information which will help you refine your campaign further.


Facebook Platform is an exciting tool for business indeed. Programmers can use this tool to build programs which will work with Facebook and add to the usefulness and fun of your Facebook page. If people like what you have on your page, they will spread the word and this build your client base.

You can add all manner of different applications to your site using this platform. Many opt for games, quizzes and other interactive features. You can have a look at the Applications page on the Facebook site to get an idea what sort of things others are using the platform for. These kinds of features can really help you build your brand image; take advantage of them.


Facebook polls can be a great way to gather demographic information from people using the site. Since you can make the poll interactive and fun to use, you'll have no trouble gathering data. Best of all, you can target your polling.

You can make sure your polls are targeted just where you want them to be since you already have access to some data such as marital status and age of your Facebook friends. This helps you keep your polling relevant.

Do not forget about these valuable tools - they can really help out your business.

Anyone who is willing to put in just a little bit of effort can make their own applications for Facebook. You just need to learn Facebook Markup Language - there are plenty of tutorials online which can help you learn the ropes of this quickly.

Remember to have a look through what is already out there in terms of Facebook applications before you develop your own. If everyone is already using a very similar application, not too many of your fellow facebook users will be enticed by it. Do something a little different if you want to grab the attentionof people.


With just a little bit of programming know how, anybody can make and distribute their own applications. You'll be doing this to build your business and it can make a big difference. Applications can really draw in people and keep them on your site. Games are especially popular and can build your brand while keeping users engaged and entertained.

You would be unwise to neglect the use of these applications available to you through Facebook. They can help get the word out about your business - and that is why you made a Facebook page for your business in the first place, no?

You will also be building a sense of community amongst all of these potential customers which will help you get sales.

Here are a few tips for getting the best results from your applications:

1) Make it relevant
In marketing, relevancy is everything. If your potential customers can not get into it, or if it is unclear how the application ties into your product or service, rethink your application.

2) Privacy policy
Even if they are on facebook to socialize, people still want their privacy to be respected. This is why there are friend lists and groups, to which one must be invited. Privacy is a natural human desire and Facebook facilitates this while still allowing for socialization. Remember to respect the privacy of users and retain that trust you have worked so hard to build with them.

3) Free distribution
Once your application is finished and ready to go, you will distribute it. You can do this by listing it on the site along with all of the other Facebook applications and then invite others to install it. If your facebook friends like your application, they will spread the word.

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