How To Make Big Bucks With Un-Boring Marketing

Does your marketing stand out? Does it have the "un-boring factor?"

Being fresh, new and exciting in your marketing is powerful. People are
busy and they simply don't have time to read or watch or listen to all the
marketing coming their way. Yet most entrepreneurs get stuck mimicking
what everyone else is doing instead of innovating.

Enter two women who are rocking the marketing scene, Marie Forleo
and Laura Roeder. Last year they had an outstanding launch of their
program, Rich Happy & Hot B-School, business school for women who
want to make it big online.  Through the use of high-value content being
delivered through entertaining videos, they put un-boring marketing to
the test. B-School enrolled over 220 members and the success stories
of their graduates are incredible.

Well, these feisty ladies are at it again with some pretty entertaining
videos and even better content. They just dropped a new movie trailer
and believe me, you'll want to check it out. Click here to see some
seriously un-boring marketing at work.

Go outside the box.

Think of how you can take ideas from other industries and make them fresh
in your industry. Laura and Marie didn't invent movie trailers but they're using
them for a product that has nothing to do with Hollywood. Using a trailer feels
fresh and exciting for online marketing.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel in order to stand out, just take ideas that
are already successful in other industries and start using them in yours. If video
isn't your thing, experiment elsewhere, just make sure no matter what you do,
it's un-boring!

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