Stop Expecting Results On Social Media

Stay with a process long enough and you will receive something from your commitment. This is a universal law- results come from a process. Actually if you look up the word "result" in the dictionary here is what you will see:

Definition of RESULT
1. Something that ensues from an action, policy, course of events, etc.; to proceed or arise as a consequence, effect, or conclusion.

The history of the word Result means to 'jump backwards'. The word originates from the Latin resultāre, re- ‘back’ and saltāre ‘jump’. In medieval Latin it came to be used figuratively for ‘happen as a consequence’.

Today it seems, 'Results' is used as a quick jump to the end result completely ignoring the process needed to arrive at the desired outcome.


7 Things I want you to understand about social media:

  • You choose who you want to interact and grow have lots of control!
  • But those people you choose also choose you...or not!
  • Only posting status updates on your profile is not interactive.
  • Profiles are people...real people...who desire authentic connections...just like you.
  • Making friends in "real" life takes time. Making friends online is the same process..remember profiles are real people.
  • Only promoting your business, services, events and products is not interactive.
  • Facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, etc are not golden tickets they are simply tools (like email, text and voice mail).

Stop expecting results from social media if you aren't willing to show up consistently by making comments on others' posts, sharing your own content, and being interactive with people. Social media is a beautiful place to be with like minded people.

It is your unique energy, perspectives, values, thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc that allow people to develop a connection. It is through your consistent actions taken to develop these connections where you can expect results. If you are struggling to find the value of using social media look back at your actions in the last 6 months.  What do you see?

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