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Pricing your services- a reality check please!

How many times have you compromised on the fees for your services? Let's talk about how to price services -it's time for a reality check! Watch the video below to get a new perspective and then start using my top 5 points (below the video) to consider when setting your fees. How to price services: 1. The price Your value is not negotiable. 2. Be clear on what you are serving...filet mignon is not the same as a beef taco! This is the secret to standing firm on your fees when closing a new … [Read More...]

How to leave a lasting impression with a simple comment.

Do you know that leaving comments on a blog posts is a great way to bring new people in front of your business? Well, only if you do it right! Here are my top 5 tips for how to leave a lasting impression with a simple comment: 1.  Before you leave a comment I want to make sure you are giving your attention to a community that is aligned with your business purpose.  If you are a Jeweler then leaving a comment on the Mud Racers of Kentucky blog may not generate the connections you are aiming at … [Read More...]

The Little Engine That Sucked…

You know the story The Little Engine that Could and how he overcame his challenges by positive thinking...well, I am proposing an updated version called The Little Engine That Sucked. It's still a story about reaching your goals but this time he is going to: make mistakes, look stupid, feel afraid, doubt himself, AND continues on track to his vision. It is time to shine light on the darker side of being an entrepreneur with the purpose of inspiring commitment, growth and willingness … [Read More...]

You need to do this on Facebook…now please!

If you have a business page on facebook and don't know how to link your page to your employment info on your personal profile, I can help!  If you don't link to your business page it is going to a "community" page which you have no control over! Watch this quick training video for the simple solution: Did you get new likes on your page after setting it up? … [Read More...]

Stop Expecting Results On Social Media

Stay with a process long enough and you will receive something from your commitment. This is a universal law- results come from a process. Actually if you look up the word "result" in the dictionary here is what you will see: Definition of RESULT 1. Something that ensues from an action, policy, course of events, etc.; to proceed or arise as a consequence, effect, or conclusion. The history of the word Result means to 'jump backwards'. The word originates from the Latin resultāre, re- ‘back’ … [Read More...]