whole·heart·ed /ˈhōlˈhärtid/

Adjective: Showing or characterized by complete sincerity and commitment

My basic motto in life is how you do anything is how you do everything. This has proven to be true time and time again in my 31 years of life! I am a mother of two- a handsome bambino & a beautiful 4th grader. My husband, kiddos and I live in small town Iowa (secretly our hearts belong to Portland, Oregon).

When I was young I watched my mom struggle from business idea to business idea because she never implemented a marketing strategy. It is my wish that not one more women business owner ever feels lost or confused about marketing their product or services that they give up on the success waiting for them right around the corner.  I have a degree in Psychology (a B.S. -which always makes me giggle...you know a BS in Psychology) backed by 6+ years of hands on social service work. My education and work experience heightened my intuitive sense about human behaviors, thoughts and motivations.

After having my first baby I had a paradigm shift! Why was I working to take care of other people's families while paying someone to raise my daughter. This is when the entrepreneur bug bit me and bit me hard! In 3 years my husband and I left our jobs, built a successful real estate investment business and had a short but successful go at a multilevel marketing business.  Yet, success is defined by more than income...and I was craving something more spiritually fulfilling to spend my time on. So right out of no where (and at the perfect time) social media smacked me in the face!

What started out as a favor for my friend's business quickly fueled a passion, dare I say a true love for social media communities. Right away I saw social media gave anyone the power to bring like minded people together for a common purpose in an accessible and entertaining way...oh yes I got excited!!!  So excited that people started asking me to help them navigate their social media marketing plan.

Blending all of these experiences with my other two passions technology and connecting people is how Wholehearted Social Media was created!