5 signs your are in the dark with your marketing

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You receive a call from a friend who desperately needs your help building a project. She asks you to come over and bring your tools ASAP.

Then the call ends.

So you grab a hammer and a screwdriver and head over to her house.

Yet, when you get there you realize the project is painting her bathroom wall...and the tools you brought along are NOT going to offer any help.

You laugh realizing you never asked her what the project was or what kind of tools she needed.

Because you can't paint with a hammer!

You may be doing this with your marketing...shocking I know. So how do you know if you are bringing the wrong tools or you are in the dark about your project?

Here are 5 signs your are in the dark with your marketing. Or in other words  you are trying to paint with a hammer:

  1. You are sharing consistent content on your blog and/or social media sites, yet you are not getting any comments or participation.
  2. Your interactions with people on social media are not sparking meaningful conversations or interactions. Your family or college friends are always replying to your posts with comments like "oh wow." or "I wish you would help me out" or "You are still doing this work?".
  3. You don't relate or care for any of the posts your friends are sharing on facebook (or linkedin or twitter). It is really hard for you to participate with your social media network.
  4. Your cash flow is low. You notice a decline in your sales and/or new clients.
  5. You see your colleagues building a wonderful community with a variety of interactions on their facebook page and wonder what you are doing wrong.

Now are you ready to trade in your tools and get focused on the right project?  Marie Forleo breaks down some great steps as a starting point:

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With a degree in psychology, 6+ years of social service work, and her background as a successful real-estate entrepreneur, Adeah brings her finely tuned sense of human behaviors, thoughts, and motivations into her true love affair with social media – the ultimate way to bring like-minded people from across the globe into your business. As a mom with two kids of her own, Adeah lives the successful-business-well-loved family dream.

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